Gorilla Families

Gorilla Families in Bwindi National Park

The 8 habituated Gorilla Families / Groups tracked by visitors on a daily basis
The southern Bwindi boasts of at least 3 big gorilla groups as below:-

1. Nshongi Group Family
This is the largest gorilla family comprising of 25 members under the leadership of 2 silverbacks.
Location: Nshongi/Rushaga

2. Nkuringo Gorilla Family comprises of 18 members with 2 Silverbacks.
Location: Nkuringo

3. Mishaya Gorilla Family
Family size: 12 members with 1 Silverback.
Location: Nshongi/Rushaga

Note: Visitors normally sett off from the park headquarters at Rushaga. For those who choose to walk it takes approxiamtely 30min to the trailhead. The Silverback Mishaya left the Nshongi Group with 9 others in July 2010 to form the Mishaya Group.

In the northern Bwindi national park, below are the habituated gorilla groups:-
1. Bitukura Group is the most recent habituated gorilla family in Ruhija part of Bwindi Impenetrable Forest in Ruhija park. It is one of the most attractive groups in the region since it is composed of four silverbacks with Ndahura the second youngest silverback as the leader. Notwithstanding the dominant male, the silverbacks move together alongside 2 blackbacks of this same group. The silverbacks, Rukara and Rukumu associating the 2 blackbacks, Obia and Mugisha are a big spectacle when there is a fight among them.

Bitukura family includes 13 members:- Ndahura the dominant silverback, Karamuzi the 2nd silverback, Rukumu the 3rd silverback, Rukara the 4th silverback, Betina the adult female, Ruhara the adult female, Kamuga the adult female, Obia the blackback, Mugisha the blackback, Twakire a juvenile, Kabandize ajuvenile ( came from Kyaguliro), Kadogo an infant and Mubwindi an infant.

2. Oruzogo Gorilla Family
The Oruzogo gorilla family comprises of 16 members headed by 1 silverback. The group is located in Ruhija – Buhoma. The Oruzogo group is among the most recent groups habituated for gorilla trekking. The family is accessed between Buhoma and Ruhija under the leadership of the dominant silverback Tibirikwata.
Other individuals in the group include Otaka, Bwoba(the coward), Busungu (short tampered),Kashundwe, Nyakiina,Kaganga (the giant one), Karimi (tongue)Kiromba, Katooto(the small one), Kanywani ( friendly), Kakobe ( looks like a monkey) and Buchura (the last born).

3. Mubare Group Family
Mubare is the smallest gorilla family in Bwindi with 6 members under the leadership of 1 Silverback. The group is strategically located near the park headquarters at Buhoma.

4. Habinyanja Group Family
Habinyanja gorilla family comprises of 20 members with 2 Silverbacks. It is also located at Buhoma.

5. Rushegura Group Family
– Comprises of 20 members with 1 Silverback. It is located at Buhoma.

Nyakagezi Group in Mgahinga national park is another habituated gorilla family in Uganda. It comprises of 9 members (including 3 Silverbacks). The only problem with this group is that it keeps on migrating between the borders of Uganda and Rwanda.