Nature Trails and Nyungwe canopy

The Canopy walk in Nyungwe

Nyungwe Forest National Park is one of the reason why Rwanda has become the top tourist destination in the world over. This is not only the place for relaxation but also one of the place for adventure and insight into Rwanda‘s single beauty. This forest is the largest protected mountain forest in Africa that covers between 1600 and 2000 sq metres and being a five hour drive into the middle of Rwanda, this long drive to Nyungwe also gives the guests an opportunity to drink in the country’s diverse scenery and the imposing land scape as you move to the main attraction. Once you get to the park, you will then prepare to join on one of the most unbelievable adventures you will ever have, the canopy walk.

rwanda canopy walks

In addition, the beautiful scenery large, centuries old trees and the added thick forest, and this extra ordinary tropical forest is also shelter to a 200m canopy walk way that will give you an excitement that can hardly be compared by anything else.