Where to Track the Gorillas

Mountain gorilla trekking is a skillful organized and well-built ecotourism adventure. It is the number one tourist attraction in both Rwanda and Uganda, where you will stay, since there is a good range of accommodation choices that are available to you. You need to take a deep breath and enjoy the final guide to mountain Gorilla trekking. The ranger guides are also well trained and will automatically look after you and will feed you with enough information about gorilla trekking. These know about the gorilla population and speak English in Uganda and those of Rwanda, speak French.

The merits of tracking the mountain gorillas in Uganda

The drive from Kampala to Bwindi is so lovely and this takes a full day of travel. Though you are tracking the mountain gorillas in Bwindi buhoma, Ruhija, Rushaga or Mgahinga National park, you will also enjoy a scenery view enroute. The gorilla permits in Uganda are cheaper and UWA offers off peak season discounts. Uganda has got lots of things to offer before or after your gorilla trekking safari. Rwanda and Uganda are so near to each other , however , you could also track the gorillas in Rwanda and also drive to Uganda for the rest of holiday in East Africa and vice versa

The merits of tracking the gorillas in Rwanda

Rwanda‘s claim is that you can fly in and do the gorilla trek in just one day and then fly back the same night . I would also recommend this though for those who don’t have enough time. The drive from Kigali airport to volcanoes national park is only 2 hours but the drive is not as scenic as Uganda. Though the roads are better and gorilla trekking in Rwanda includes, a more relaxed drive. Even though gorilla trekking permits cost much more in Rwanda, you can save some money by having a shorter trip. So in Uganda, you need a minimum of two nights, thus increasing the price.

Rwanda or Uganda, which is the best destination for gorilla trekking.

We highly recommend gorilla trekking in both Rwanda and Uganda. Both of these experiences are so amazing. I also liked riding through the rain forest in Bwindi and the bamboo forest of Rwanda. I have known many people who have tracked mountain gorillas and have continued to go back since the experience is so different and exciting. On the other side, some travelers decide that since they are traveling to East Africa, why not take on gorilla safaris both Rwanda and Uganda mountain gorillas.